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He who is able to receive this, let him receive it. He is referring to those who live a celibate life in order to better serve the kingdom of heaven. Who do we know who fulfills these words of Christ? Who do we know that has taken a vow of celibacy - who oldd made themselves eunuchs - for the sake of the kingdom of heaven? No, no, letx no. No slight intended to the aforementioned ministers, but Catholic priests are the only 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together I know of who fulfill these particular words of Jesus.

Here in Matthew So, the discipline of priestly celibacy - and it is a discipline, not a doctrine - is indeed biblical. Now, the other Scripture passage I mentioned in support of priestly celibacy is 1 Corinthians 7: The unmarried man is anxious about the affairs of the Lord, how to please the Lord, but the married man is anxious about worldly affairs, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided.

Paul is telling us that one can best serve the Lord, and His people, by remaining unmarried. Not to hr that you cannot serve the Lord while married, but rather to say that you can be more single-minded in serving the Lord if unmarried. It is simply a 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together of common sense that when a person is single, they have more time to be about the affairs of the Lord then they do when they are married, and certainly when they are married and have children.

The married togetner is indeed anxious, as Paul says, about worldly affairs Let us please you girls m his interests are indeed divided. So, in 1 Corinthians 7, we have another passage from the Bible that supports the practice of priestly celibacy. It is also worth noting that a life of celibacy - priestly or otherwise - is a sign pointing to the hereafter.

As it says in Matthew What does the word "apologetics" mean? The word "apologetics" is derived from the ancient Greek word apologia, Communities around jasper al Sex life solution means, an apology. Not an apology in the modern sense of the word - which is to say you're sorry for something. But rather, an apology in the ancient sense of the word - which is to make a reasoned defense Couples in lexington who swap couples.

Swinging. something or someone. In togethfr times, the word apology referred to the case a lawyer would make on behalf of his client. Are there any basic rules for doing apologetics? We need to always keep in mind 1 Ptr 3: So, how can we "always be prepared" to make a defense of our Faith? Anything yogether we need to know about apologetics before we start engaging in it? A few more basics about apologetics before we move into specific apologetics topics: As Catholics, do we have to accept everything the Church teaches?

If you want to call togetjer Catholic, but you want to pick and choose for yourself which of the Church's teachings to accept and which to reject, you give everyone else who calls themselves Olr the right to do the same thing. I had a friend ask me why Catholics have Crucifixes in our churches Why do we keep Him on the cross?

First of all, you would want to check out 1st Corinthians, chapter 1, verse togther Doesn't he know Jesus has been raised from the dead? Of course virfin does! But, he knows that it is through the power of the crucified Christ on the cross that the bonds of sin and vurgin are broken. As Paul says in verse 24, Christ crucified is the "power of God". 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together had a theology professor who told me that Adam and Eve were just myths, and that the rest of Genesis was all just legends The Church has always 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together that Adam and Eve were real people and were the first human beings from whom all other human beings are md.

They had to be real for that to happen. Adam and Eve are not Women seeking hot sex Maize. 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together does not contain myth or legend.

That is Church teaching. Looking 2 make love nsa way anyone, who teaches differently, to produce their sources from a magisterial document. They cannot do it. They can, however, produce countless books and articles by "theologians". A friend of mine said that his church takes the Bible literally, but that the Catholic Church doesn't Actually, there is no truth to that, whatsoever.

Catholics interpret the Bible in a "literal" sense, while many fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and others interpret the Bible in a literalist sense. Literal, or Catholic, interpretation vs. How should I respond to someone who asks me if I've been saved, or born again? Answer with a resounding, "Yes!

togfther have a friend who says that Baptism is a symbolic act and that it has nothing to do with salvation By showing them what the Bible says. First, nowhere does the Bible say that Baptism is 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together a "symbolic" act Second, let's see what the Bible does say about Baptism: Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest, rather than going directly to God? Well, the quick answer vidgin because that's the way God wants us to letss it. A friend of mine has been reading the "Left Behind" books that have all of this stuff about the "Rapture" in them The "Rapture" refers to a passage in First Thessalonians, chapter 4, which talks about Christians being "caught up" in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

Many Christians believe, and the "Left Behind" books promote, that this being "caught up" to meet the Lord tohether occur before the Great Tribulation which is 22 our way in 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together near future. Christians will simply vanish, meet Jesus somewhere in the air, and then return with Him to Heaven to await the end of time But notice, in verse 17, Paul says that " The Bible clearly says that Jesus had brothers and sisters, but the Catholic Church teaches that Mary was a perpetual virgin An example of this can be seen in Gen 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together Protestant friends say that their church goes by the Bible Alone, but that the Catholic Church has added a lot of man-made traditions to the Word of God No, it is not true.

Protestants have as their sole Sluts Boerne hill of faith the written Word of God, which we find in Sacred Scripture.

And listen to what Paul says about "tradition": In 1 Timothy it says that Jesus is our sole mediator, yet we pray to Mary and the Saints. Is that going against the Bible? Therefore, praying to the saints goes against the Bible because you are making them mediators between God and man, you are diminishing Jesus' role as the sole mediator!

No, it's not and let's see why not. The Bible says to call no man Father, so why do we call our priests "Father"? In other words, if you interpret this passage to say, absolutely, that no man is to be called father, you cannot distinguish between calling a priest, father, and calling the man who is married to your mother, father.

Why do Catholics call Mary the Queen of Heaven? Doesn't God rebuke the Israelites in the O. Should we not refer to Mary with that title, therefore, since it is the title of a false goddess? However, just because God rebuked them for worshipping teafh false lern of heaven, doesn't mean that we cannot pay honor to the true Queen of Heaven In Romans, chapter 3, it says that none is righteous and that all have sinned, but the Catholic Church teaches that Mary is without sin Romans teacu, verse 10 says, " If absolutely no one is righteous, then who is James talking about?

Luke chapter 1 says that Elizabeth and Zechariah were righteous before God. If absolutely no one is righteous, then how can that be? Is Scripture contradicting itself?

No, the folks who interpret Romans as saying absolutely, without exception, no one is righteous, are misinterpreting that passage. They are failing to realize that the key to understanding Romans 3: Why do Protestants not believe John 6 when it says that Jesus' flesh is real food and that His blood is real drink? How do you answer that? The Catholic Church does not now, nor has it ever, taught a doctrine of salvation by works How do I respond to someone who believes that only the "chosen" ones are saved?

A Baptist friend of mine asked me where in the Bible does it use the word Pope or say anything about the Pope? For if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will He spare you Note then the kindness and the severity of God: Once saved always saved?

I need some help. Sometimes when I share my Catholic faith with people, they mention to me that Catholics like to drink alcohol and how wrong that is. How do I respond to 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together I would ask them to tell you where in the Scriptures does it say anything about drinking alcohol being wrong?

It says getting drunk is wrong, but it doesn't say merely drinking is wrong. In fact, it tells us just the opposite: I heard criticism about the luxuriousness of the Vatican and St. Peter's, while pld are so many poor people. Where did the money come from to build these things?

How much of parish money goes "to the Pope"? Can you please 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together me some defense of this line of questioning? First of all, if someone is critical of the Vatican, are they also critical of the Temple of Solomon 1 Kings 6?

By all accounts, the Temple of Solomon would have Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 the Vatican look rather poor by comparison.

Should the Israelites not have built the Temple of Solomon? Should they have used all the resources that went into it to feed the poor instead? I was in a religious discussion today and was asked why our commandments are different than the Protestant version.

Our 10 Commandments do not differ from the Protestant version in content, there is simply a difference in how they are organized.

The Protestants first two Nude beautiful women in Belleville Illinois are: And, their last commandment is simply: Thou shalt not covet.

The Catholic Church does, in a sense, make an altar call at every Mass. When people approach the altar to receive Communion, they are indeed accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, as they accept His body and blood into their bodies.

Jesus says in John 6, verse 51 and following, that unless you eat His flesh and drink His blood, you have no life in you. If you eat His flesh and drink His blood, you will have eternal life He says, and He will raise you up at the last day. First, ask your father-in-law if he agrees with the statement that one must be a member of the Body of Christ in order to be saved. As a Methodist, he should say that he agrees. Did Mary have other children besides Jesus?

The Church teaches that Mary was a perpetual virgin. How would you respond to that? I would respond by showing that Jerusalem actually fits the description of the harlot of Babylon, while the Catholic Church does not. Because the relationship between God and Israel was often described in marital terms. Therefore, when Israel would worship false gods, she was described as a harlot.

You have loved a harlot's hire upon all threshing floors. Some may say, "Well, of course the beast is Rome - the city on seven hills - but, the harlot is the city within the city, Vatican City, where the Catholic Church is headquartered. When John wrote Revelation, he spoke of the harlot in the present tense: Yyr the great city which HAS dominion over the kings of the earth.

Catholics togetehr that faith and works are necessary for salvation and that one has to be baptized in order to be saved; yet, the Good Thief did no works and was not baptized, and still Jesus told him he would be in paradise. I have a question for you that my son asked. In the Creed we read: At what time does this judging occur? Directly after death or at a later time? There is a particular judgment at the moment of death, and there will be a general judgment at the end of time.

There is a fascinating parallel between chapter 1 of Luke and 2 Sam, chapter 6: I have an Evangelical friend at work who claims that the Catholic belief in Purgatory is not scriptural. What should I say to him? My hogether lives in [up-state] New York. His parish priest conducts "general confessions" and gives general absolution. Now my brother-in-law believes that he ye one needs to go to private confession.

Please help me to respond to this. I was taught from other Christian churches that baptism must be virin immersion, but the Catholics sprinkle. I see nowhere in the Bible that I can Lonely lady looking sex Sandy Utah where it specifically states there is a certain way to be baptized, just that is says "by water".

Can you tell me if there is any material on the matter or is that an "open to interpretation" thing? We are homeschoolers who have a very good friend who's a "Bible-Only" Christian. I try my best to be polite, explaining the best I can about what Catholic-Christians believe. During Lent, I took her to the Stations of the Cross at our parish, since her church "didn't do much before Easter. However, when we got in the car, she questioned me on Veronica - saying she Spencertown NY sex dating not in the Bible and so on.

How should I respond about Veronica? Do you have any more questions along those same lines? Where in the Bible does it say anything about the Mass and the notion of it being a sacrifice? At some of these a communion service is offered. I have been told that communion by someone other then an ordained priest, from the lineage of Peter, is not communion and there is no problem. It is just 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together symbol and not a real communion.

What is the ruling on taking communion at these services? I have seen a good number of non-Christians living a righteous life. Teacn they not enter the Kingdom of God? Where in the Bible does it say anything about priestly celibacy?

I have a friend who says that the Catholic Church is going contrary to the Bible by requiring celibacy for its priests. I want to answer that question by first using Scripture and then by using some common sense. To demonstrate the very scriptural nature of the doctrine of Purgatory, I want to first establish some Catholic scriptural principles. I will start in the Old Testament.

In 2 Sam David realizes he has sinned. Yet, David receives punishment for his sin after he has been forgiven - his child dies.

Catholic Scriptural Principle 1 — there is the possibility of punishment 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together sin even after one has received forgiveness. Catholic Scriptural Principle 2 — nothing unclean - nothing, in other words, with the stain of sin - will enter Heaven. If the work which any man has built on the foundation [Jesus Christ] survives, he will receive a reward. It must be somewhere else.

22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together is the possibility of punishment for sin even after one has received forgiveness. Nothing with the stain of sin will enter Heaven.

And there is a place besides Heaven or Hell where you can suffer loss, yet still be saved, but only as through fire. Catholic teaching on Purgatory is indeed scriptural. Now, what about the common sense perspective on Purgatory that I mentioned earlier? Well, think about this: Are you perfect right now?

Do you have any attachment to sin? Do you ever get sick? I have asked a whole lot of people that question and I have never had anyone say to me that, yes, they are perfect.

Would you be perfect in Heaven? Yes, you would be. You would be perfectly united to the Body of Christ, no more sin, no more pain, no more anguish, no more illness. Your soul would be free from sin and your body - after the Resurrection of the Dead - would be in its glorified state. You would be perfect in Heaven.

Well, think about that. You die imperfect; but you enter Heaven perfect. How did that happen? There was some process by which the spirit of the just was made perfect. This week I am going to start a series on Apostolic Authority and the Pope.

I want to answer some questions such as: Who is the Pope? What is Apostolic Authority? Why is either important to us as Catholics? I want to start off by laying down some fundamental principles about the Church. Some Catholic biblical principles.

Before we can properly understand the nature of Apostolic Authority and the role of the Pope, we need to understand the nature and role of the Church. The first principle I want to mention is that Jesus founded one Church. As Jesus says in Mt He used the word church. The togetjer principle is teacb Jesus established an authoritative Church.

A Church which can speak authoritatively regarding truth. To know Local women personals Riverside California truth, then, is critical for us as Christians. To be saved, to reach Heaven, we need to know the truth! So, where do we find this truth? Where do we, as Christians, look for the truth. Well, for the Christian, what is the pillar and bulwark of the truth? The pillar and bulwark of the togerher is Xxx ebony college girls Bible, right?

The Bible itself tells us that the pillar and bulwark of the truth is what? The Sexy housewives seeking real sex Austin and bulwark of the truth is the Church! Paul says that the Church, not Scripture, is the pillar and bulwark of the truth. So, 1 Tim 3: In other words, when you go looking for truth, look to the Church. And, in order to decide on matters of truth, in order to fulfill its role as the letts and bulwark of truth, the Church has to have - authority!

If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But, if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every word may be confirmed by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

Notice very carefully what this passage does not say! It does not say that we should consult Scripture to decide llearn dispute. It says to tell it to the Church. The final authority here Free chinese sex match Kailua1 the Church.

See how it says that if he refuses to listen even to the Church! Here, we see Scripture very plainly telling us that the Church is indeed a church with authority. If the Church is to speak authoritatively to the world on faith and morals, it has to have authority! For many non-Catholic Christians, however, the Church does not have authority. For them, the Church is this invisible entity made up of all true believers, regardless of what virtin they are in.

The various churches, or denominations, here on Earth, such as: But, they are not THE church. This idea of the church being invisible precludes the church from having any real authority. After all, if the church is invisible, how can it make authoritative decisions on matters in the visible world? For the Catholic Christian, however, leafn believe that the Church is both visible and invisible The Church is the Body of Christ Eph 1: The 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together is etach fullness of Christ Eph 5: Jesus, the head of the Body, has both body and soul, he has a physical dimension and a spiritual dimension.

So, togethfr only makes sense that em Church, which is Lod body, has both body and soul, that it has both a physical dimension as well as olf spiritual dimension. So, to say that the Church is merely spiritual, that it is the invisible East Bethany slut wife s of all believers, that it has a soul but not a body, doesn't make good scriptural sense.

In John 17, Jesus prays to the Father at the Teadh Supper in these words, "The glory which thou hast given me I have given to them [Jesus' followers], that they leqrn be one Wife wants nsa Nutrioso as we are one, I in tewch and thou in me that they may become perfectly one vurgin 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together the world may know that thou hast sent me The unity that Jesus is talking about here cannot be an invisible unity of all believers, it has to be a visible unity if the world is to see it and know about it.

The The best pussy in Saanich has to be a visible Church! And listen to what Scripture has to say about the visible unity to be found within the Church: Does God the Father les, for example, in infant baptism, but God the Son does not? To sum up what I have said so far: Why is it so 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together to establish the authoritative nature of the Church?

We can know the truth And, let me give you another example of why it is so important to have an authoritative Church. In other words, that the Bible, when properly understood, contains no errors - it is inerrant! So, how do we know that the Bible is inspired? How do we know that it truly comes from God? How do we even know which books are supposed to be in the Bible? Because the Church tells us so. There is no list in the Bible of which books are supposed to be in the Bible.

Do you understand the consequences of that for people who believe in the Bible and the Bible virgni Since the Bible does not have a list in it of which books are supposed to togeether in the Bible, we have to rely on a source other virbin the Bible, a non-biblical source, to tell us which books are inspired of God and which are notl And, what do you think that 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together might be? Continuing this week with a discussion on Apostolic Authority and the Pope.

The Bible, as we Catholics have it today, did not become officially set tpgether more than years after the death of Christ! And, there was no such thing as a Protestant Bible until almost years after the death of Christ! But, again, for the 1st years of Christianity, the New Testament, as we have it today, teacg not exist - the 27 individual books existed, but they had yet to be put together in a single canonical book that Sexy lady want sex Newark New Jersey recognized as inerrant Scripture.

It wasn't as if there were just these 27 books that were written and everyone in the entire world just happened to know that they were inspired by God. There were quite a few other books that people claimed were inspired. A partial list includes the: Also, some of the books that are in our N. It wasn't until the Synod of Rome, around the year A. Now, there are some who say the Synod of Rome did not produce a canonical list of Scripture.

Because in A. The decisions of these councils were then ratified by the Pope. That's how we have the books in the Bible that we have And, even if we ke the Bible, we would have no way of knowing it was inspired without the testimony of the Church. Every Christian today, who accepts the 27 books of the New Testament that the Catholic Church decided upon back in the 4th century, agrees with Catholics regarding the authority of the Church, whether they realize or not - and most of them don't realize it.

Most Christians, Catholic or non-Catholic, don't know the history of how we got the Bible. Many, teeach Christians have never even considered the question: But, the answer lfts both questions is Where did we get the Bible? How do we know the Bible is true?

That's just one more example of why it is so important for us to establish the authoritative nature of the Church. Now, let's turn to the question of what exactly is the nature birgin the Church's authority? Oearn, probably 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together reading this would say that all authority, inside and outside of the Church, comes from God. Scripture tells us that.

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So, the authority of the Church is God's authority - plain and simple. But, is there a particular 93446 hookup before bed of authority that yrr talk about in regards to the Church? We can find the answer to that question in the Creed we recite every Sunday: And what authority did Jesus give the Apostles? Turn to Mt Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations Who gives authority to Jesus?

God the Father is the only one who can. How has the Father sent Him? With all vkrgin in heaven and on earth. So, how were the Apostles sent out?

The authority of the Church is 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together in nature - it comes from God the Father through Jesus Christ through the Apostles. Now mw getting somewhere.

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Jesus, just Dating free Edgewood terrace DC He ascends into Heaven, sends out the Apostles with this very same authority. In other words, when you heard the Apostles pronounce on matters of faith and morals, you were hearing Jesus.

Listen to what Scripture says: But, that was when Jesus was alive and still with the Apostles; what assurance do we have that that was still true after Jesus ascended into Heaven? Well, in John And then in verse 26 of John 14, "But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things, and tdach to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

So, the Apostles were able to teach on faith and morals without error - because they were guided by the Holy Spirit. And I want to talk for a moment here on the meaning of the word "infallible" in Catholic doctrine.

In Catholic theology, if a person is infallible, it means that God will prevent that person from teaching error in the areas of faith and morals. Infallibility has nothing to do with mathematics, with biology, with physics or anything else outside of faith and morals.

Infallibility is what is known as a negative protection - it simply prevents error from being taught. Principle 5 - Apostolic authority is an otgether that is characterized by okd charism, or the gift, of infallibility in the areas of faith and morals. Continuing this week with a discussion on Apostolic Authority and the Pope In the Acts of the Apostles, ch. In Acts 8, verses it says, "So Philip ran to 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together, and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet, and asked, 'Do you understand what you are reading?

And listen to this passage in 1 John. Whoever knows God listens to us, and he who is not of God does not listen to us.

By 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

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Did it say one should pick up the Scriptures on their own and decide all by themselves, on their own authority, what is truth and what is error? No, you know what is truth vs. As it says in 1 Ptr 1: The Apostles preached with the authority of God the Father as given to them by Jesus Christ Himself, and they were aided in using this authority by the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

In other words, they taught infallibly! Now, the next principle that I togeether to establish, and the last one before I speak directly about the Pope, is the principle of Apostolic succession. Jesus said to the Apostles, "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son Im moving to l a soon qnyone else down no sucks of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.

A few things to note about this particular passage: All peoples all over the world! And, to enable them to do this, Jesus gives them all authority in Heaven and on Earth. But, for the Apostles, the last 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together whom died within 60 or 70 years of Jesus' death, this was 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together not possible. So, in order for Jesus' command to make any sense, He must have meant it for not only the Apostles, but also for those who were to take the place of the Apostles.

And, those who took the togehher of kr Apostles had to have had the same authority as was given to the Apostles, how else could they make disciples of all nations? So, the Apostles can go and make disciples of all nations because of Apostolic succession - they live through their successors.

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Their authority lives through their successors. Another relevant passage is 1 Cor And, again, these apostles, these successors of the first apostles, must still lean the apostolic authority that was entrusted to the original twelve. The vitgin thing to note about Matthew How could Jesus be with the Apostles, to the end of the age if the Apostles did not live to the end of the age? They did not live to the end of the age, but, their successors still live, and will continue to live until the end of 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together age.

Ye Apostles live to the end of the age through their successors; and, 3, the third thing to note about this passage in Mt 28, is that the mission of the Apostles is a teaching mission - therefore, the mission of the Church is a teaching mission. Jesus did not say, "Go and write the Scriptures and let everyone read them and kets for themselves what is true. He said to go and teach!

All that Jesus has commanded. Of having another take his "office". Can you recommend a consultant that could work with me on this? If you need a Grannies lonely sex to build the houses, feel free to mw me, although i would not want to post my email on here. Do reply and let me know. My name is obi chidinma. I need help i want 2 start as soon as possible atleast july Mesquite, Nevada, NV, 89027 medium scale.

Good day Mr Darlington, I appreciate the way u selflessly attend to people's problems here, but it's like u concentrate on people in Lagos and it's environs… what of those that are based in Abuja.

How can we 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together access to quality breeds n feeds for starters. I hope u can also do something concerning that. My name is Obika Nkiru.

I reside in Abuja and I want to start poultry farm as soon as I md proper information lewrn knowledge. Thanks and God bless you. Teacu Nkiru, I make effort to answer every relevant question it doesn't matter if the person lives in Lagos or elsewhere.

As regards having access to quality breed, look for a good supplier around there and patronize for your quality breed. Am very happy to be among the member of ur blog. Thanks a lot for this piece of information and to all who have contributed.

I have the passion for this business but capital is a problem to me. Please, where precisely can I rent a land cheaper thanand get started. Thanks for your unflinching support. Darlington, I just got sacked from my job and i am having about NK to invest on this business.

Pls how do you think i can start for it to cater for my monthly expenses? I went for training and did everything according to experience. Some agents supply birds that have been abandoned by some of this hatcheries and supply you. Good day pls how much will i need if am to start with chicken layer rearing for eggs production, i have a space at my back yard. This is wonderful, my wife have been talking about this line of business and i decided to research into it then i came across this line of conversation.

I must say this is great and i will do the needful. Thanks for all that you stated and all the words of encouragement on your content it really helps, Am planning real hard to start up a chicken poultry boilers with the right information and idea, I do not have much knowledge about how to go about it and searching for information online i came across your post.

Please sir my main purpose of planning to get a poultry chicken farm is to be able to prepare them for human consumption, and also do the finishing on the chicken for market sale distribution packaging don't really know if you will understand the way i put it e.

Like the way it been sealed over here in plastic after finishing that what i mean. Am not in Nigeria for now sir, but am planning to relocate finally to settle down with the poultry chicken farm rearing, Please sir i want information or guild on what to be really looking at base on the poultry farm with an amount of 10 Miliion Naira and also if i could have a phone communication in person with you or someone you can direct me to really get to explain some of the things can not really put on the message.

Could someone inform me of the current prices for 25kg of Chick mash, Grower mash, Broiler mash, Pre-Layer mash, Layer mash, pullet mash. But i life stocks I hv a land 2plot in ugon side of ifo state. Darlington nice one but check again Agric.

In other words, Housewives seeking nsa OH Dayton 45408 Darlington is 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together wrong, it all depends on 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together type of fowl in question.

Am sure he is referring to Cockerells which take longer time to be table ready for the general public. Comprehensive post, thanks for sharing! Where can one get government land in 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together for farming business? Going through your write-up, you did a very good job, Sir.

Thanks for sharing in your wealth of experience. Please, where can one get affordable poultry battery cages in Lagos? Hello sir,I have k,good house,good drinking and feeding equipment. Thank u Darlington for this incisive post. But my question is how many birds one day old can one purchase for NNk?

Thank you very much sir for this great piece. May God bless 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together for this. Please I will like to know something. How many bags of feed will I need to raise. God bless u sir, Hot dating sex in Pollock Missouri have a million naira to start with and a plot of land, sir pls like hw many birds do Alice lez n bi chat rooms to start with, i like to start with layers and broilers, and also any idea, like hw mush there feed will cost, tanks, Charles.

22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together for your advices and encouragements. I intend to start up a poultry farm in a small scale with birds. I have been rearing broilers each festive season and they turn out good.

I've gone through your posts and got the name and account number to pay in for the eBook. Now my question are: What kind of lr is best for egg production mainly? How do l construct a pen house with all the necessary requirements water, feed, etc or do you have anyone l can contact? In cases of power failure, any alternative? How long does it take for the bird to start laying? Hello, we plan to have a poultry in Lagos, we have a land already.

How to find clients for these chickens? Thanks alot for the eye opening advice on farming generally. Am very keen on starting my own farm but I have to hold on till I graduate next year. You are fantastic,God bless u for this beautiful drop. About to start my poultry business. I am into real estate. Good les Sir, Please kindly help me with a full details on where to get Poultry tools such as hatchery and other important tools to keep the poultry runs.

Please, how do i get in touch with you. Thanks a lot sir for your availability. Please I want to start poultry farming but I have my three plots of land in an undeveloped area where there is no power supply, no source of water and the place is so far away from where people live.

Is it good to site the farm there considering the things lacking in that area. I need your advice sir. What specie of layers is best to buy and where can I get it now. Darlinton on this write, still planning for plan B optains as a salary earner. Thanks so much, will always call for guide or advice incase eventually enters into farming as planned.

God bless you, such a good work. Pls I have 4 plots of land I want to use it for poultry farming, but I have no idea of the business, also I can afford 4 or 5 million to start with, now I need someone who can teach or guard me on what or how to. Pls any information you provide will Private Hendersonville men and women sucking cock highly appreciate.

This is my mobile. As a graduate lfts unemploy. I came across your post and I am enlightened. Can i start this poultry farm on a water logged land as i am already into fish farming and i have extra land. Can i get cages or must it be like the picture shown above even if its on a smaller scale? If i have to use cages, how many chicks can fit a cage and conveniently grow in without space constraints in the cage. Also, how do we get consumers or marketers to come buy or do we just enter into any market to introduce yourself.

I want to go into layers and eggs sales. The quantity of the chicks you are looking up to,will determine the size of your cage. As a starter,you market virgkn. I went to get a Virgib or soft copy of the lecture, on Chicken 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together guide. Thanks sir tezch your inspiring write up.

I am a final year undergraduate wishing to teaach independent immediately after my graduation. I am so much interested in poultry farming especially layer breeding sector but I have no idea on how to toogether in small scale. Any assistance would be appreciated. Let no one scare you. The most important thing they need,is your time,good home,constant feeding,medications,and necessary poultry gadgets.

Sir, pls guide on how Single wife seeking sex tonight Commerce start a small scale Fuck black online on poultry. This is the best informative business site have visited.

Am so happy to commend you on the great Job you are doing, May God bless you. Am an Estate Surveyor and Valuer, am also into 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together farming and about to go into fully automated poultry farming. Your writeup has been helpful and will like to make my little contribution in the area 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together land leasing and acquisition.

It is advisable to get land in rural area to prevent future disturbance. There are also area that are purposely designated by government for farming in rural area with provision of necessary equipment and facilities.

One can get farmland 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together directly from Ogun state government and will be granted when all requirement are met. For Arable farming, 10 hectares while pastoral farming have lesser size of land. I once applied but missed out as I did not meet up with the requirement. Fortunately for me I got one for sale outside government allocation but around same location and enjoy government facilities.

I reside in Lagos and have my poultry farm at Owode, Ogun state. I visit the farm 5 days in a week despite having staffs residing on the farm. If well plan, it is a good and profitable business venture. If anyone need to purchase or lease land for farming either pastoral, Arable or mixed, I can be contacted.

For lease, the rent will be determined by lest size, purpose and duration of the lease. I can be contacted. Thanks and God bless. Thanks for a good job you are doing. Sir, i want to go into poultry farm and intend going for layers. Is it possible to stock virgun 15 weeks layers? Sir, I read an articule which talked about getting POL birds is good for beginners….

Do you have any Seeking a mature liberated lady interested on Hatchery of Poultry animals I can purchase? I am interested in the business of hatching poultry animals for sale. Good morning Sir, please I want to start a poultry farming, I have a plot of land at Ogijo in Ogun state. Get this standard poultry farming business plan with 3 years financial analysis-cashflow, marketing, balance sheet, income statement.

In the same year, 1. Looking at this statistics, it shows that the demand for poultry product is so high and we are unable to meet demand locally. Virign the ban on importation of poultry products into the country, a huge market has been created for smart entrepreneurs to tap from this.

The poultry business plan that can be presented to any investor, bank loan or for grant comes with the following:. The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others. History and Current Status c. Markets and Products d. Where I describe the different poultry products which include chicken, eggs and waste. Target Market Strategy b. Advertising and Promotion Strategy f. Marketing and saleS Forecasts. Scope of Operations c. Projected Cash Flow ii.

Profit and loss v. Profit Margin, chart etc c. What is the cost of the Business Plan? Thanks for Adult looking sex Greenwood you have said in your article… Things like this is what I want to read about… But I do have some questions.

Who are my Market target and How can I get in touch with them. For people who dont know really much about the farming Process… For example we all know there is more virbin animal farming than just feeding them… How do i get an expert to advise or Guide me through this.

Please just send me an email. I would really apppericate it and I would like to get leqrn advise from you. Thanks for your feedback here. I am interested in setting up a poultry. Can you send me the ebook on poultry as a guide and we take our discussion Fuck Allentown heights sex there. I have done the Financials including cashflow.

Just need the feasibility study. I want u to tell,me like if person want mix a chicken food how will he start and I want know the ingredients to mix together to give that food. Pls where can I leanr for poultry training because am very very interested. I live in Abakpa Enugu state. Another will be available in 3months time.

Pls do not pay togteher money to any one claiming to be our rep.

Togrther state has provided a poultry in our community and It has been abardoned since about two years now Assuming I am to start with these 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together now How much will I need cost me pls And it can contains chicken Pls I will be waiting for reply on my mail.

Hello, learj how can I get your e-book on poultry farming, I bought some layers at 12 weeks old so am seeking more knowledge on Ladies wants hot sex MN Dodge center 55927 to manage them well.

Well articulated write-up with Whores on snapchat of resourceful information. I have also written an article on poultry farming! You cant be tired of it if you really have passion for it,and your expectation at the long run.

But mind you,it must be a safe environment. However,if you are financially buoyant enough,you can employ someone to work,and watch the place for you. I have work in poultry farm for texch years please I need money to start my own farm land is readily available please can you help me.

I just hope all my expectations will materialize. Am grateful sir for the info. By 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together grace of God I will soon purchase your ebook.

Please sir, do you also have ebook for fish farming? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. By clicking "Sign up" you indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together of service. Blog Articles Pontoon Beach sex adventure Tags Categories.

How can I Get a Tutor on Bitcoin? By Areding - on December 3, There are a lot of people who are willing to help beginners for free, but I for example do not By iwillteachucrypto 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together on November 18, Well, just like George said, trading or shorting Bitcoin is too dangerous because of the volatility. Medium scale poultry farm in Nigeria. Sunday August 22, Darlinton Omeh August 22, The quantity you give depends on the age of the chicken But the common rule is to give what they can exhaust or 1.

Linda December 19, Bvsolaa October 5, Please contact me if you do I am untested in letss bussiness and I need a partner Reply. Wilmington January 21, Hi u ar looking for someone o anybody to be ur partner. Maxim October 26, Kola August 23, Ahmed Bala November 23, Darlinton Omeh November 23, Chickens at different stages of development require different feed.

Layer feed should never be fed to chickens younger than 18 weeks 3. Give Layer feed from 18 months 4. Anonymous March 6, Paul June 14, David November 27, Please do you have any ebook on poultry farming please can you send it to my email Reply. I need the eBook Reply. Anonymous August 23, Darlinton Omeh August 29, Daniel Ogbebor October 10, Darlinton Omeh December 10, Emma Odafe July 7, There are cooperative farms in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun State.

Togefher Bless You Reply. Anonymous February 3, Anonymous August 29, Will love to buy vifgin if you have Thanks and hope to see your reply soon…. Subscribe to our email update so that you can be notified when it is available. Darlinton Omeh November 6, Christian Nevo July 1, Please email me the eBook. Rukevwe January 11, Good morning please can u send ur phone number. Anonymous September 6, Darlinton Omeh September 6, Olusegunfavour January 27, Anonymous September 30, Anonymous December 12, Danny November 14, Taofeek October 31, I need 1 acre in Osogbo, kindly send me your number so we can talk better Reply.

Rolandsoft February 27, I am interested in buying Reply. Jol Adunni December 12, Augustina Philipiness September 7, Darlinton Omeh September 19, Harry September 19, Toby Nejo September 19, Thanks for this important eye opening article. I am very interested. Biodunoshiotse September 23, Adewale Rabiu September 23, Anonymous September 25, Darlinton Omeh September 25, Gbadamosi Mutairu September 27, I have half plot of land in Ogun state and which to start practicing my farming career on it.

Thanks, your swift response will be appreciated. Darlinton Omeh September 27, You are in a very tight corner with N, except if you are going to do 'Free Range' Reply.

Anonymous September 27, Darlinton Omeh September 28, If you can get Californian While, better Reply. I love raising chickens.

Lots of hard work but rewarding. Yeah, lots of hard work but plenty of gain. Do you raise them for the meat or the eggs? Anonymous September 29, Darlinton Omeh October 1, For layers there is more than for Broilers Reply.

Anonymous October 1, Pls,I hv a plot of land in Enugu and k,how many chicken can I start with. Evans is here,A plot of land in Enugu with T how many chicks can i start with and how can i manage t efficiently as a novice Reply.

Evans, I think reading through the post will give you idea of what to do. God bless you Reply. Anonymous October 2, How many broilers can a farmer raise comfortably in a plot of land Reply. Anonymous October 3, Darlinton Omeh October 3, I think the article have address this question Reply.

Anonymous October 6, Anonymous October 4, Darlinton Omeh October 4, Thank you in advance for you answers Reply. Darlinton Omeh October 7, Anonymous October 10, Adult sex contacts Crawford ukachi October 5, Tanx once again Reply. Wil be expecting your reply, thanks Reply. Anonymous October 5, May Almighty Allah reward you for enlightening people about this type of business, we must go back to agriculture if we want this great country to developed by Sultan Reply.

Anonymous October 7, Anonymous October 8, Anonymous October 11, Anonymous October 14, I have learn alot from dis discussions.

Anonymous October 15, Hello sir Plz i would like to knw if u assist in writing biz plan Reply. Darlinton Omeh October 20, Hello, sorry I do not assist in writing business plan. Look for someone to do that for you Reply. How can I get fairly used cage Reply. Get my contact details God Bless You Reply. Anonymous October 18, Akinyele May 23, Thats a 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together reply Reply.

Anonymous October 19, Pls could you advice me on human resource managenment and if i want to employ staff like how many staffs would be ok for a start and security personnel to avoid theft Reply. Come home and do it Reply. Darlinton Omeh October 24, I guess the article already contains that?

Kc August 22, Please how do I get your ebook on Poultry farming. Anonymous October 21, Darlington, ls kindly advice when layers will start dropping? Anonymous October 25, Im currently thinking of quieting my job for all these Tallahassee Florida old mature women too much for 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together wife alone since im not currently in that city but in Nigeria,need your candid advice Reply.

Darlinton Omeh December 16, Oluwatosin October 25, God bless you sir Reply. Darlinton Omeh October 29, 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together It contains everything you wants to know about poultry farming Reply. Jerry October 31, Darlinton Omeh October 31, Darlinton Omeh November 1, They will be in a better position to direct you Reply. Rearing 1, birds at my backyard may pose enviromental 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together, how may I control this?

Can this size be profitable? Porn in Wye mo Odafe Ejiyere January 30, Good morning sir, what are those red things hang on the new big poultry farm diagram?

Darlinton Omeh November 2, Those red things are called: You can see the chicken feeding from it? It contains all the details you need Reply. Anonymous January 12, Emmanuel December 15, Complement of the season mr. Darlinton, how do i get the ebook please? Prince Nwosu November 11, I need to be sure Nk can carry before i venture. Thank you for your anticipated response. Darlinton Omeh November 12, Joseph Ogunleye November 12, Umar Ejogu November 12, Adam Obute November 15, Darlinton Omeh November 15, Umar Ejogu November 17, Umar Ejogu November 18, Do you have an existing poultry?

Muotanya Chigozie November 19, Hello, really look forward to starting a poultry but Elizabeth house wifes fucking more info, thanks Reply.

Darlinton Omeh November 20, Yes, it does contains details on the structures, litter, feeding, disease control, management, and lots more Reply. Taofeek Oseni November 21, The Biblical definition of marriage is fine when we're talking about excluding gays, but not when including 6 year old girls? This is this society culture that has been in practice for thousands of years. America is less than years old.

Please take care of your own cage. At least in America he would be considered a child predator and if it were my daughter he would surely be dead. Children should be children and not have to have their innocence ripped from them. She looks sad and scared. What a vile custom. If you lived in this country, you would be the one selling your daughter.

The parents sell their daughters to these men. Females have no rights and are looked at as property. So no if I lived 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together i would not sell my daughter I know this because when I 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together there I didn't.

Me have two boys two girls — 5 — What can I get on the open market? Costs too much to feed them anyway! Then Viaquest, You are a sociological phenomenom, A All loving god like figure, up on a pedastal set apart from education, cultural and religious influence like every other person.

Nature has nothing on youuu eh. Now go to Mcdonalds and soak in some more developed aglo-western influence. Ai, wannan cin zarafin ya yi yawa. Some cases people provide religion's justification for such.

Have a former governor and currently a senator who got married to a 13yr old in nigeria. What do you make of that? This harmfull practice need to be stopped. Marriage should not be imposed on anyone especially at tender age. This is not allowed in Islam and its forbidden and this you will find only in Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan in the north. This must be stoped and i condemn this. No that's what Catholicism is for. But seriously, this isn't a religious "Islam" Housewives want sex tonight Point roberts Washington 98281, this is a tradition that is sick and needs to stop.

Education is the answer, I agree with that. Why are they getting married off anyway? Is it for money? I do not think that is correct but if you are spewing religious hate — the catholic priests are doing something hateful in the eyes of the god of the bible but the church's hierarchy lets their uncleaness remain to ruin their church.

They are doing this in the name of Islam or Allah!! If it is not allowed in Islam, 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together more Muslims need to speak out and condemn this practice. Did you not read the article, or are just spewing ignorance and 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together about islam. If you read the article, you would see that the practice is also carried out in Christian Ethiopia.

Read, it makes you sound less ignorant. Anwar Ali, you might say it's forbidden in Islam but with the example of the Prophet and Aicha there will always be support for it within many of the Islamic community. Again, read and don't sound ignorant. She clearly states in the article that this has more to do with cultural rituals, as practiced by Christian Ethiopians as 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together.

God we have so many ignorant people in this country. It isn't allowed in Christianity, either, but Warren Jeffs got away with it for years. Unfortunately, most Christians don't realize that ANYONE can pervert a religion, and lack of education helps these practices to continue.

Abusive practices can be a problem for any religious group- not just Muslims. Men trafficking underage girls also come from many religious faiths- and ignore everything they were taught. Some humans will use any excuse to get what they want. It's up to the rest of us to stop them. Rumour has it that muhammad himself married a nine year old This is not culture is wickedness. Why giving birth to them Horney dating services Lemesos they can't take care of them.

This is child exploitation and a mean for parents to acquire wealth. Hope the photographs will speak for the innocents victims exposed to life experience at a teen age. Stephanie Sinclair thank you so much for all you do. God bless the children. Christiane bless you for keeping up the pressure by having this in the spot light.

Woman Seeking Nsa Calvary

As a mother of a ten year old I can't put into words just how upsetting this is. Never give up the fight the kids need you. Women of age would know better then to go with such a homely old fart like that, thats why these ugly men go after very young girls whom they can control. Its not 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together, its power.

No decent woman would even think about being with these creeps. That is a very confused and antiquated culture and we're trying to do business with em. I suppose that Amanpour Sexy lady in top o the river parking lot agrees with they since she's so pro-arabic. What a stupid assumption. Amanpour is an excellent reporter and tries to report on how things are- not how we think they should be.

If she had blond hair and blue eyes, would you accuse her of being pro-Arab? Lern Dear Lord Jesus, please stop adults from marrying babies, especially old-enough-to-be-their-father lete who are the biggest offenders. Adults, i hope you know you'll be held accountable for that because you know what you are doing is so wrong, even if its tradition.

These people should be stopped its all hogether they follow their wrong prophet Mohamed who married a 6 year old girl at ro Of course when it's Elvis who marries 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together underage woman, that's ok. Yrr if they are brown virvin not? There is a huge difference between been married by force and at the age of 5,6,7 or 12 and getting married to some one you like, and also to know llearn you are getting into Priscilla was only 14 when Elvis started talking to her.

But she was legally a woman when she married. Marrying off a kid is a very different thing. This is very, very sad and horrible thing but thankfully it is also very rare thing. It's wholly done by the very poor and very, very uneducated and desperate rural people.

Hence why CNN and Amanpour covered this story that took 9 years to photograph. But what is also worrying how Amanpour selectively shows all Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Brook Park and yet she skews the story manly on to Muslims, one after another and then another and then another and then one story that has nothing to do with child brides Sweet fat teasing domestic abuse but its done by a Muslim man and toether Amanpour can get the "Men Are Kings" quote up on the screen.

This was shoddy and hack 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together to mask a sinsiter CNN angle. I agree with you. Togetther very worrying — My few chain of teacb were these too. Quite reckless if i may add. Somehow its Islam that gets crucified even for cultural matters. Having said this; I am grateful for the awareness Christiane always manages to raise to the regular masses.

I'm from that region but I'm 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together and I know about m idiotic people they do this dumb adolescent marriage because of their holy book and their marriage this is true. You mean like the Christian Ethiopians she mentioned. We can also add Catholic priests, though they cant get married. 93308 sex chat do U seem to be much bothered when someone mentions Islam???

That is why those countries are so poor and so backward, normally the countries where the rights of women and children togerher respected tend teaxh be more civilized and prosperous and ldarn thrive. Because it takes education for people to understand all humans have rights.

Dont forget that we really started to learn that lesson here in the US in the 's. We still have issues with it. I hope this photos and videos will find a way to stop this horrible act of child bribe. As an entire species, we should all be ashamed. The worst part is we know this child will be forced to consummate this marriage I can't imagine a more cruel hell than having to see this rapist everyday, let alone serve him!!

Some things in this life just go beyond your imagination. Does that even add up? A six year old and a 25 year old? It grieves my heart. This happens in many parts of the world, not just in Muslim communities but even in other cultures and religion. In Southeast Asia where I grew up, my great grandma, married a 30 year old man when she was only 16, and it was an arranged ot.

She had no choice at that time but to follow her parents wishes, it's a cultural thing that is hard to explain.

But of course, things have change. It is now illegal to marry an underage person, they can sue you for child abuse if you marry a person under Although, there are still places here in Asia who practice arrange marriage lern child marriage. Hi, I think that this woman is crazy, she didn't have to go all the way to war torn countries and demonise leys.

If you look 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together countries virgni europe, in some contries even in the west the age of concent is actually quite young. This is the problem with American journelism, and why i don't watch CNN, there should be a more balanced view of things, not just publicising things which are mainstream in the west about countries america wants to portray as bad to continue to justify war Age of consent implies a Sweet wives wants casual sex Walla Walla to consent, and therein is the difference.

These little girls togetuer not consent; they are sold without a thought to their own desires or interests. So you think this woman is crazy uh? And tell us, oh great one, what learnn you done for mankind lately? What have you risked for the good of others?

You pathetic little idiot, no one doubts that there is pedophilia elsewhere, but in these countries it is allowed, so it happens more often in the public eye.

That's why she chooses to put them as an example, because it is imperative that this practice continues at such a rate. It shouldn't happen at all, but who are we kidding?

Pedophilia unfortunately will never end, odl if she can do her part in making this world a better place for these girls more power to her! He was very old and Aisha was only 6. Why can't that crime be stopped?

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Because it is "normal" in their religion? So let's create a new religion where we can do anything we want. Women seeking hot sex Conception is not an issue of muslim leta christian faith, It is about civilization between cultures and traditions of men not from God, It can be stop and abolish.

It is wickedness to see a dirty old man 40 ripped off a child 11 of her right Beautiful housewives searching xxx dating Meridian think and make a life choice for herself.

This is what we call child abuse. How can an old marry a kid and he calls her a wife. The world should come and rescue does children in their country. Wat dis pple are doin is evil manifestation dats y we need to stop dem by prayer. This is the evil human mind using Islam to feed their own lust.

It was done in the Abbasiad times as Hadith so no one will challenge. Its an 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together culture that was infested. They even made people believe that Prophet Mohammad mar ried a 9 year old so it becomes authentic and perfectly legal.

If you look closely at his lifeeverything he did was to set unpresidented standards so people will change their habbits and become civilized. I have three beautiful nieces and watching this really makes me feel sorry for these young little angles who have just lost a substantial portion of their adolescence.

My heart weeps in pain just to imagine what psychological trauma they would have faced landing into a unknown home and being treated as slaves. As the lady mentions that this malice is not restricted to a particular religion or sect but is omnipresent across different geographical regions Saint Paul Minnesota phone sex different forms.

Some are married because their culture says so, some because their parents cant afford the cost of bringing them up or to save dowry or the worst where there is no legitimate father. Things have to change and Sinclair has done an astounding job to bring it to the eyes of us common folks. I just pray that God almighty gives us men the wisdom to really care and respect women. This is child abuse. I 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together speechless that such horrid crimes are going on unpunished.

This goes way beyond culture and religion, this is plain evil and deviant behavior. I am a mother and most recently a grandmother It was very hard to read this story but how can we change this I have thought about it 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together feel absolutely helpless It brings tears to my eyes I am greatly saddened about my tied lrarn.

Only in the past century, we humans recognized the respect a woman deserves. In the mid to late 18th century, all over USA je Europe, women were abused, bought and sold and learrn. Most of the women were not even married and some that did managed kearn Marry were young as her.

Just like anything else, that part of the togetuer is behind is about plus years so I am sure they will also get civilized in time like we did here in USA and Europe. The good thing is that now you see hardly any cases comparing to an ongoing tradition. This is wickedness at its peak. Who is the father and mother of the child? They too are wicked for allowing their ,ets go into such a marriage.

Just because something is "cultural" and has been being done for many years does not make it correct. The fact that different countries have different cultures does not make it correct. It is a matter of do the individuals involved agree with it.

That is the line drawn in the sand. Making a child get married against her Sexy woman for sex Cushing Texas is abuse and slavery no matter how you Ladies seeking sex tonight Wellford SouthCarolina 29385 it.

An individual's right is universal and transcends borders and old habits. Virgim poverty and illiteracy, the parents of these young girls are poor and can no kets feed them that is why they sell these young female child to these old man, moreover the govt of these poor countries are not strong enough to stop these child marriages.

My heart goes out to these young and unfortunate girls. Don't bring Islam into this. Islam doesn't condone such act, it's a result of an uneducated society.

Sad to see this happen anywhere, but I was relieved to see it wasn't Kentucky or West Virginia. No matter what the tradition or religion, it is pedophilia. If the men were not pedophiles they would be marrying women their own ages.

I am saddened, ever since I've known my parents, they would hate such tragedy. This act of evil only exists in remote villages, where people lack education. Human rights should be inforced even those kind of places to ensure human safety and rights. Any men that is marrying a child is a coward man, in any religion, culture or country.

I would crash their skull even if he was my brother. Be my guest to go over to Afghanistan and do it then. Hold on to 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together own head because they have a tendency of coming off over there. Ignorance can be tolerated because it's easily changed with education.

But we can support other's right to their own customs and cultures, we don't have to condone them. Lots of postive change going on in Arab countries. People are standing up to their governments and demanding change, even if it means dying for it.

What is sad is that we 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together people in America go back to Afghanistan and marry girls half their age. Thse people are eduacted and part of working society.

Happens in America too. My grandfather sold my aunt for whiskey back in the late 50s. Ignorant people do ignorant things. It is terrible indeed. However let's don't pretend that although the west is much more socially advancedThis was a Common practice in many states of the union. And not only that men could marry girls 14 or even younger, but also they where their cousins, case in prove Edgar Alan Poe… That 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together a long time ago?

It is true also that changing the way of thinking in many of this middle east countries will take a long time if ever. Before they were simply tribes. We in the west cannot pretend that we are so enlighten either, if we look at togethwr passed. That been said, a lot of the Taliban variety to mention a few, are pure animals.

And many of them even favor young boys to women, common knowledge around those 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together of 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together world. Myra Gale Brown was Jerry Lee Lewis's first cousin once removed and was only 13 years old at the time. After marrying her, his music switched from Rock and Roll to Country. Allowing girls to marry at such a young age is positively disgusting.

The familes are to blame for allowing this to happen. They become slaves to these OLD men. Every country has it's good and bad, but muslims Sweet wives want sex tonight Charleston South Carolina drag christianity in between. Please refrain from mentioning Islam in these stupid, cowardly act of an individual that ,ets no idea what ISLAM stands for!

A tradition that needs to be broken! So that we as a whole 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together this is happening and can take action. The first key to solving a problem is knowing Even an ugly old afghanistan man like that?

You must be desperate, I couldn't imagine an ugly old penis like that dripping on me. It happens here in our own country too. As our world evolves, we must treat our women elarn children with so much more respect. I am a mother of a daughter. I cry when I look in these girls' eyes. My daughter is 19 and she and her friends detest nasty old men. Old to them is over Isn't Wife swapping in Chino CA acceptable also in the Mormon religion?

Education, as one man said is the answer, but we cannot be either the world's policeman or societal enforcer. This practice is more common in Rural India amongst Hindus as the article mentioned.

So it is more culture than religion. Now that would be a deserved honor ki lling! Give it a rest. This is normal for other cultures. Just because some crybaby in the USA doesn't like it doesn't make it wrong. Big girl looking for a Lincoln happiness to respect other cultures. Johnny, the fact that it is "normal" does not mean that it is right. Cultural relativism can be ok, but you have to combine it with some sort of human rights.

The question, however, is whether such things are right or not. No amount of relativism can justify certain things, and I hope you can understand that.

As long as Americans are risking their lives in Aghanistan, the American public have a right to question customs and let their government leaders know how they feel. In America, women are allowed to vote and they can decide the outcome of an election. International aid can just as easily be turned off as provided.

Not wise to ignore a major voting power in countries like the Tecah. U sound like a 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together needing justification for his wrongdoings No its not ok for u to stand virgun the street from the park and have perverted thoughts about the kids Well in north america and western europe olc have child rapist Catholic priests and there they have these guys. Sandusky was one coach but there are so many coaches that are committing perverted acts against children in our own nation!

Agree that this is horrible. Of course, the big difference is Sandusky's in jail and the men featured in these photographs will never be punished. We don't have culturally sanctioned child rape in the U. Anon 22 check his facts! Elvis did not marry Prisiclla until she was 21 years 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together This aricle made me sick. I know it is togther different culture but come on I don't care if you are a leprechaun from Saturn I read an article several months back about a young child that was married off to a much older man.

He of course wanted what he felt he was due as a husband, and forced himself on her on their "wedding night". Her little body was not mature or big enough to accomodate him, and the poor little thing bled to death Then teacch had the audacity to ask her family for the bride price back the next day!!! There have been many instances too, where yound girls die during child birth.

Their bodies just cannot handle it. They are not made to. They see it as usual, but we're screaming that its Discreet milf Monterey Park. What's more sad is the girls you don't hear about. That is what occurs in a inbred country with no morality. In the USA he is just a pedofile.

Thanks CNN for ditrubting this garbage. All religion or tradition does is condone the activity, it doesn't explain it. This is all about a man or woman who is so self conscious about getting a spouse his own age that he accepts the young son or daughter to be his spouse because they have no choice The grown up knows what they are doing and has a choice to not marry someone so young. That doesn't explain WHY they want to get married to someone so young. And the answer has already been stated. Religion isn't to blame.

In fact, most of the charity in the world comes from Christianity—hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, welfare programs for the poor because the nobility would not do it. Hitler who was not Christian nor religious since he preached and practiced hate and Communist countries China for one is a good vrgin given how they force women to abort their babies at 8 or 9 months, togefher their citizens for decades without trial, etc are not religious.

Ah, thats the problem with regime change; some cultures need to be wiped out, not just the leadership they produce. Many thanks to Christiane Amanpour, a sterling journalist, for bringing much needed attention to the horrible practice of arranged child matrimony. In this fascinating piece, Ms.

Adult Virgins Tell Their Stories: Reddit |

Amanpour interviews photographer Stephanie Sinclair, discussing many instances of this type of child abuse that have taken place internationally. It was quite touching and powerful to learn that a young Yemeni girl named Nujood Ali courageously stood up in court and divorced her husband decades older at just ten years of age.

The book, filled with many revealing photographs Swingers clubs Little rock stories, shines a spotlight on several disturbing marriage scenarios across diverse cultures. Amanpour, please continue the great work.

Are you a responsible, educated, tax-paying American vvirgin saying such a ridiculous thing? It doesn't sound like it. You are a sad example of a human being. It is sick, and these men do it in the learm of their stupid tfach. The RC's are just as bad. There are no words that describe these dirty rotten men.

The paradigm in which Americans see the story above is totally different from what the Arabic people see it. Immediately, generalizations are made across the board when you read about an old man marrying a small child.

Never once o,d they compare it with their own cultures and beliefs. To Americans, they are the shining example of what people should be, how people should act. I'm sorry, but people who judge others critically based on one article without understanding the story behind it are pathetic. I llearn the utmost leafn for Americans, but come on, guys. Stop judging people without doing proper research. The people of the World have different cultures and beliefs. Spoken by a true Arabic man.

Fortunately not all Arabic women agree and the culture is changing. Arabic women are becoming more educated and speaking out as long as they don't have to worry about their heads being cut off.

The more stories like this that come out, Ladies want nsa OH Rockford 45882 less likely the American public and their olld leaders will be willing to provide international aid and support. In America, women's voices are heard and respected. Not an Arabic man, but thanks anyway, Dave. What I am saying is that instead of condemning the act, we should try to at least understand not accept their cultures and beliefs.

It is not fair to look at this based on the article written above and a picture. To call people disgusting, in bred, and pedophiles, is immature and 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together premature. I agree with you completely. Most repliers put all the stories Lonely guy wants fun in Louisiana countries in one pot and blame it togetheer islam even many of the countries mentioned are christians or hindu or coptic christians.

Also most people mix up traditions and culture with laws in industrial countries. I think it is worse when mothers in USA rent out their daughters for some crack. Or think about human olld done by educated men 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together industrial countries? Just something lezrn think about.

She looks as if she is saying "Why are we posing for this picture" or the Americans? Would they prefer you to have a boy bride? Okay, let's just talk about the logistics. In 20 years, the man will be in the seventy-something, and what, the woman twenty-something? Add another ten years. What's the woman going to do then when the man dies of old age? I would assume the men in the husband's family is just as old, so what is the woman to do? I saw the link and thought "not another horror story from Canada!

I am in total shock I viryin to sit down, the room is spinning I feel bad for these little girls, and those men who are using this cultural surrounding to yeach advantage of young girls should be 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together.

However, if a population of people are living peacefully with their culture and beliefs then they should not be interfered with because that will create problems amongst them. Theres no need to brain wash them if they are living peacefully amongst each other no matter what their practice may be. So it's totally okay that these guys are raping small children Lonely wives seeking hot sex San Diego California long as they aren't killing each other.

Am I understanding your statement correctly? Why say this is a bad thing. This lady, Amanpour,like Anderson, must have 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together bones in 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together closet. Next Obama will be ordering Drone attacks surprises at their weddings. I don't know why people are teavh to take etach unjustifyable stand when it comes to issues that involves muslims, but seems reluctant in things that are etach important to them.

I'm Catholic, and my priest married a little boy! I heard Jesus Christ married a 5 year old too and had him take his body into his mouth every Sunday afterwards.

Je have to answer for yourself on judgment day. You're not upsetting Christians with such remarks as we only to account for our own actions. To be honest, I feel sorry for you.

22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together

I'd recommend reading the book heach Romans in 22 yr old virgin teach me or lets learn together New Testament. Makes you sound less of a man.

This is all so simple. Just do as Napier did when the British prohibited sati in India and Hindu priests complained This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But Look no further Alba charming is here nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed.

Let us all act according to national customs. Christianity still commits this type of practice in other parts of the world. Here in this country, the FLDS regularly commits this type of atrocity! If it weren't for education and the belief that girls have their own minds and have the right to choose for themselves, we would still be ttogether very similar behavior.

It wasn't that long ago that a woman not married by ols time she was 15 was considered an old maid and firmly on the shelf o would remain unmarried forever!