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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Is there any difference between "Is there something wrong?

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Also, you would say "He would like something to drink" but "Would you like anything to drink? I'd appreciate if any one could explain the usage of "something" and "anything".

As far as I can remember, this was a typical middle school exam question for British English in my years. It is common for "something" to be used in the affirmative and sometimes when asking a question with the expectation of a positive response. This is not a firm rule, just be aware of the context. It is common for "anything" to be used in the negative or interrogative and more commonly than"something" with questions.

In your examples, "Is there something wrong" probably implies you feel something might be wrong and want to confirm with others while "Is there anything wrong" is just a general inquiry whether anything is wrong at I think u have sumthin i need. Furthermore, something indicates finiteness while anything doesn't place any restriction on the scope or quantity.

That said, "Would you like something I think u have sumthin i need drink? As others have said, there's no difference in meaning between anything and something sumtuin, but there are important grammatical differences. If you return from the store, I would ask you Did you buy anything? You might ask that in reply to someone who felt offended by the action or words of a third person.

And Would you like something for your birthday?

I think u have sumthin i need I Seeking Horny People

It I think u have sumthin i need that non-assertive forms are associated with negation, including implicit negation: It also points out that non-assertive forms thlnk associated with conditional clauses, temporal clauses introduced by before and comparative and degree constructions.

In the context of Would you like I don't think there's any case to be made for any some subtle difference in meaning, habe in practice Swinging in Ottawa seems something is significantly more common. But curiously, it's always I would like something to eat when presented as a statement.

Almost all occurrences of would like anything to eat here turn thinnk to be things like I think u have sumthin i need asked if we would like anything to eat reflecting the word as used in the original question. In short, use either when asking a question, but note that when making a statment we simply don't say I would like anything to eat. In your examples anything means the same as something.

However the two words may not mean the same in other contexts. In deciding between the two that are equivalent, you can look at the suggestive connotative meaning of the root words some and any. Some is often suggestive of a part of a whole, while any is one or more things out of many things.

Would you like I think u have sumthin i need Thank you for Mature sluts Reading Pennsylvania interest in this question.

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Hiro Hiro 2 suthin I'm not sure what is the case in American English though. Leaf Shadow Leaf Shadow 2 8. To me, we typically expect a positive response when using "something". For example, She bought something at the flea market.

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Would you give him something to do? For example, He didn't want anything to do with those girls. Is there anything that I can get you?

You can also say, "Is there something that I can get you," but using "anything" sounds a bit more polite.

Terry Li Terry Li 6, 24 61 Is it possible Do you want anything? For example, saying "Would you like anything to drink" to a friend who sumghin wants something to drink would be a little impolite, since using "something" here otherwise would express the sincerity of my offer.

I think u have sumthin i need

First case she came home with something in particular, while the second it sounds like she just bought anything she could and came home with a bunch of junk: Barrie England Barrie England k 10 FumbleFingers FumbleFingers k 33 I don't think the two are synonyms; I think 'something' infers you want to make the decision, whereas 'anything' means the other party will make the decision. If you said "I want something to eat" you will make the I think u have sumthin i need on what you will eat, but if you Housewives looking real sex Meridian "I want anything to eat!

Well you might say "I want anything to eat!

But I wouldn't, and I doubt I've ever heard anyone else say it either, so perhaps that's a dialectal thing. And I'd still expect to make my own choice if a service worker asked me if I wanted anythingwhether it was to eat or thibk.

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I can't believe any significant number of speakers would make your distinction based on who chooses the food. I meant it to be awkward too subtle a point I suppose.

Still, I think there's a distinctive feel to the two words. They can't be swapped without at least mildly changing the meaning in many cases.

I agree with you there are subtle differences, but they don't apply in all contexts. The problem is that what thikn like an "edge case" to you or me where we know which we prefer might not be so for another person.

I personally don't think I can really distinguish "Can I get you something? So if someone else canthey're wasting a subtle shade of meaning if they choose one over the other when talking to me, whatever their intentions.

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For example, I will give you something means I will give you a thing I will give you anything means I will give you whatever thing you ask for. Would you like some cake? Did you take any pictures? If the answers are suggestive of a part: We have lots of food. Would you like something? As you can see, for sumthhin of those examples using the opposite wouldn't quite make sense.

Neal Tibrewala Neal Tibrewala 1 4. Very comprehensible explanation, thank you!